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Finishes for spas, pools and wellness areas

Finishes should be considered in the development and design of a spa, beyond just the visual.

There are finishes and coatings that allow you to generate sensations due to their textures or the integration of colors and tones.

When walking in a Wellness pool or on sensory paths or footbaths, it is important to think about generating feelings of relaxation and well-being.

All the finishes that we select for each project are of the highest quality and guarantee that it is an element that enhances the spa.

For example, when designing a Wellness pool, depth is a factor that must be considered beyond just numbers.


There are finishes where the same model can take on different tones depending on the depth of the pool, hot tub or cold plunge.

Easy maintenance

Textura Wellness

Versatile Application

At Atalasia we are experts in the design and selection of finishes

and coatings for spas and wellness areas.

As exclusive as you.

Do you imagine your space with a truly unique finish? We create it for you.

Thanks to our business relationships we can access the customization of finishes and make your dream come true.

Contact us to talk about your project.

Swimming pool construction
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