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We understand the unique demands of a commercial setting, where balance between visual appeal and functionality is key. We do custom projects.


What can we do?


  • Design of treatment and rest areas for spas.

  • Specialized planning of spaces for spas and pools.

  • Professional selection of equipment.

  • Incorporation of water elements as therapy.

  • Planning spaces for staff and clients.

  • Integration of storage and service areas.

  • Concept integration.

  • Personalized design.

  • Design planning with construction investment budget.

Deliverables according to each project

  • Architectural.

  • Carpentry.

  • Lightning.

  • Ceiling design

  • Electrical installations.

  • Hydraulic installations.

  • Sanitation.

  • Equipment proposal.

  • Mechanical guides.

  • Sketch images, renders and/or virtual tour.

  • This service does not include supervision of construction execution, if you require it, check our architectural supervision service.

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