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Experts in Luxury Spa and Wellness design
We can design and deliver a spa and wellness solution.

To our clients:

With our incredible passion for wellness, we create and design high-end pool and wellness spas, to connect the best experiences and well-being for the user.

Through our deep understanding and experience working in the spa industry, we have a professional journey with a specialty to understand and develop the connection with the world of architecture and personal well-being. 

Atalasia is a Wellness design and architecture firm where we successfully combine innovation and professional experience in creating relaxation spaces and well-thought-out circuits until the moment of putting the wellness spaces into operation.

For us, wellness design is the opportunity to develop spaces and environments that truly improve people's quality of life.

Nancy Cuevas
CEO - Atalasia
Estudio de yoga sereno

The Atalasia team

The history



We are a company specialized in the design and development of Spa and wellness.

Since it's founding, Atalasia has been characterized by managing high quality standards in its services and products and by generating trust with each client for the development of their project.

We are a Swiss-Mexican company having our HQ in Cancún, México for the development of spas and wellness areas.


With the combination of the richness of colors, textures and designs in Mexico and the punctuality and high quality standards of Switzerland, you can be sure that Atalasia is the right place for your project.​

Our projects are both residential and commercial and from private to hotel complexes.


The quality of the architecture and wellness design used in the construction directly impacts the user experience and the effectiveness of the treatments offered.

At Atalasia, we think about every detail when putting the designed property into operation and running.

Choose us

The best with us

We like to design and plan.

We are a team of professionals who are very enthusiastic about each project.

We have innovative ideas for each client.

We are always updated.

Clear communication, we like it.

Come meet us, we'll invite you a coffee.

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